About Us
We are a company committed to show you the city of Aveiro in a fun and ecological way. For this, we have a safe, comfortable and quiet electric vehicle that is 100% environmentally friendly: the Tuk Tuk.
On board the Tuk Tuk, alone or in groups (up to a maximum of 6 people), you will find wonderful leisure and amusement places and cultural, historical and religious monuments; you will enjoy the exceptional taste of Aveiro Traditional Convent Sweet – the 'Ovos Moles' – and of course, you will feel new emotions and spend an unforgettable moment. And do not forget the fantastic experience of traveling aboard such a peculiar vehicle!
The tuk tuk can be part of your day as well as of a special occasion, and you just have to want to!

Come have fun with us and explore the city, the characteristic customs and flavors of this 'Venice of Portugal'!